This publisher, New Harbinger, contacted the author directly after she self published.

Won Prestigious Nautilus: Publishing Deal with New Harbinger

“Lisa Tener is a miracle worker.  Her Bring Your Book to Life Program® changed my life in the best way possible.  Imagine, I brought her 400 pages of raw material, mostly typed-in journal entries… and over 10 weeks she showed me how to turn it into a 300 page, readable memoir.  If you follow her instructions and encouragement, and make time for it in your life (Week 3: What are you going to give up to finish your book? Best question ever!), you may just find your dream coming alive on the page.  

“Here’s what happened to me, that never could have happened without Lisa Tener and her amazing program and mentorship: my self-published book got picked up by a wonderful publisher, and won a nationally recognized award.  If you are struggling to give birth to the book you know you have inside, I highly recommend Lisa.”

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