Award winning book author Alice McDowell

5 book awards from 3 different organizations

“When I sought advice from authors about writing my book, Hidden Treasure: How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide Your True Self, they uniformly suggested I employ a good writing coach. Most suggested local people but my friend Micaela Karlsen told me how much she loved Lisa Tener, who had coached her with writing her book, A Plant-Based Life.

“Lisa helped change my academic writing style to a more personal and engaging one. I was amazed how Lisa came up with such engaging and creative chapter titles and subtitles for Hidden Treasure. She told me when a concept wasn’t clear, so I could better explain it. Book reviewers uniformly comment on how clear and accessible my writing is, and a large credit for this goes to Lisa.

“Lisa helped me with so many aspects of my book’s process. She’s a gift that keeps on giving! Lisa took me through the whole process of writing and editing, helped me choose a publisher, looked over my contract with a publicist, offered insightful comments on my website, and arranged interviews for me with people she knew. I have felt her support through each step.

“I’m convinced that Lisa’s coaching has been a major factor in Hidden Treasure’s success. It is being used in several prominent training programs/institutions, including the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and it has won 5 book awards from 3 different organizations.

“When I decided to write my second book, I immediately asked Lisa to help me with editing and feedback. She’s great at seeing the overall picture and making suggestions accordingly. She rightly challenged my title and brilliantly proposed I add shaded boxes with stories, tales, and poems from the spiritual traditions to break up and add lightness and insight to the text. I also followed her guidelines for creating a successful book proposal, which landed me a book contract with Wisdom Editions, an imprint of Calumet Editions.

“I recommend Lisa wholeheartedly.”

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