Two Major Book Awards

“I love working with Lisa Tener. She is a superb book coach and editor. Lisa was a major player in helping me start (and complete!) my book, Success Without Stress: Simple Steps to Finding Calm for Women Business Owners.

“Thanks to Lisa, my book has won two books awards in the category of Women’s Issues: Finalist in both the 2017 New Generation Indie Book Awards and 2017 International Book Awards.

“As a first time author, I needed huge amounts of basic info, a smart plan of action, skillful editing and plenty of encouragement. Lisa provided it all. She also improved my writing skills 100%. My sentences are now clearer, concise and more impactful. As I continue to write, I hear Lisa’s voice in my head suggesting ways to make my ideas and sentences stronger.

“In addition to Lisa’s fabulous creative ideas and marketing skills, she’s fun to work with. She made the process inspiring so I kept on writing. Lisa was also instrumental in helping me promote my book—writing an article in her newsletter, adding photos on Facebook and posting congratulation updates on LinkedIn. A total bonus.

“Lisa’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Once I started working with Lisa, I felt a huge sense of relief. I danced around the living room to Here Comes the Sun.”

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