author Vanessa Levin
book cover Teach Smarter

Published by Wiley

I joined Lisa Tener’s Bring Your Book to Life® Program because I had a book contract with Wiley and I was looking for a mentor to guide me through the professional book writing and publishing process–and ensure I had the support and accountability to write and complete the book in time!

I’m so glad I found Lisa; she was like my own personal publishing fairy godmother. Lisa is a kind and gentle mentor who expertly guided me through the world of traditional publishing.
With her guidance and support, I was prepared well in advance for everything that came my way throughout the entire process.
Lisa helped me with everything from brainstorming title ideas, crafting a compelling introduction, to making my personal stories come to life – and more.  And when my publisher asked for endorsements, I had a solid plan for gathering them and had already identified exactly who to ask thanks to Lisa.
Lisa is always available to her students and her feedback is invaluable! With her help, I was able to complete my book in time to meet my publisher’s deadline.
Look for Teach Smarter: Literacy Strategies for Early Childhood Teachers at your favorite bookseller on June 2, 2021!
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