Kelsey Blackwell

A New Approach to Getting My Words on the Page

I originally contacted Lisa because I wanted support to commit to my writing. I had a book idea floating around and knew I’d need some additional accountability.

In Lisa Tener’s Get Your Writing Done Program, I experienced a new way to approach getting my words on the page. Rather than the grind-it-out mentality I’d had with previous writing projects, Lisa invited rigor alongside space to take breaks, check in and move my body.

This felt soo good to me and continues to be how I work. As a result of this more generative approach I wrote a blog post that ended up going viral and that planted the seed for the longer project I’d been dreaming of.  In helping authors get published, Lisa offers transparency and guidance around what this process may look like.

When a publisher contacted me about a book contract, I was inspired to email Lisa and ask for help. I emailed Lisa with questions and she found me the resource I needed–an excellent IP attorney to negotiate my contract.

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